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Functions performed by web development agencies

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Why working with a web development company is such a good choice to take care of creating your online site? Now it’s time to get more specific.

It is likely that when you think of web development, you think of building a website and programmers typing code.

But in a web development company, many more things are done.

Here we explain what the most common functions are:

  • First, change or establish the color scheme: it is recommended that a web page has between 2-3 to be visually attractive.
  • Starting from the company’s corporate colors, They are put together in the web’s different parts (icons, menu, titles, texts, etc.) to have a unified look. Good visual coherence.

Establishing a color scheme is a basic step on a website.

Resizing the size of the images

Heavy images on your website harm the loading time and, consequently, the SEO.

  • All the images, icons, creativities, etc., that will be on your website or online store must be fully optimized and with the appropriate size so that they do not harm the website’s normal functioning.
  • Making a website from scratch is one of the hardest things to do common tasks for a web development company.
  • In this case, the briefing (or information about the client’s wants and needs) is given to the agency’s specialists.
  • , and it is established how to carry out the project.
  • It is always done with the client, so he can see the process and give feedback.
  • Creation of custom hosting: not all websites need the same size of online hosting. A website with four simple pages differs from an online store with 1,200 products.

Hosting is your accommodation on the Internet.

Configuration of CMS and plugins

Another option when setting up a website or online store is to use content managers to make things easier and faster.

  •  When you use plugins, you can do things with just a few clicks that would have taken you hours of code.
  • But you should use as few plugins as possible: replace them with code whenever possible.

Technical SEO

As we already mentioned in this article, having a good SEO strategy on your website is essential to success.

  • So, it’s also important for a web development company to have experts in this field. Optimize it fully. Mavenup Creatives is the best web development company that provides extraordinary services related web development.  So, what are you waiting for hurry up and get in contact with us.

Choose the themes and templates to work well

When working with a CMS, an analysis is made to know which theme and template to choose. This does not mean that a pre-established template is installed. That’s all.

  • Most of the time, these templates have the basic and standard parts. But much work must be tailored to the client in question.
  • When choosing it, you must consider its loading speed. And whether it can be easily maintained in the future (make it a sustainable website).

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