Make your lock inviolable with a locksmith

Make your lock inviolable with a locksmith in Tampa

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Do you want to strengthen the security of your home or take advantage of professional troubleshooting to replace your lock? Through this publication, we will look together at what constitutes a “tamper-proof lock”, then we will discuss together what is the most secure equipment, depending on whether you live in an apartment or a house. Then you just need to call All in one Locksmith.

What is a so-called “tamper-proof” lock?


Is it possible to have complete security for doors and locks? There are currently a huge number of lock models available that provide a high level of security. This is true, for example, of multipoint locks, sometimes known as “worry-free locks.”

This package includes an armored door with a multipoint lock that is operated by a single key. Thus, some lock models can go as far as offering 9 to 12 locking points! However, to guarantee optimal efficiency, a lock must be certified and labeled A2P 1, 2, or 3 stars. Therefore, there is a great danger of being faced with unapproved equipment. Which constitutes an additional risk in the face of acts of vandalism or attempted break-ins! Also, the risk of picking the lock is not eliminated because some cylinders still offer the possibility of slipping a metal wire or a wire. Having a tamper-proof lock requires the intervention of a professional.


Specific systems deemed to be “tamper-proof” make it possible to do without a key: this is the case, for example, with models of magnetic locks, which use electric current to lock and unlock the door. This style of hardware is frequently found in a hotel rooms and building entrance doors. As a result, the assembly can be mounted directly on the handle or at a distance.

How to make a lock inviolable?

The most of break-ins happen at the front entrance. At first look, it may appear needless to mention it, but it demonstrates that this home area is the most vulnerable in terms of windows, and it is thus advisable to fortify it as soon as possible. The first order of business in Tampa is to locate a tamper-proof lock. You should be aware that, in 90% of cases, whether you reside in a detached house or on the ground floor of your home, you will be on the receiving end of a burglary. As a result, you should exercise extra caution whenever you leave your lodging, even for a brief time. Check all outside doors that are keyed!

The installation of a deadbolt on the exterior doors also constitutes a significant security supplement. It is simply a lock that cannot be opened from the outside and protects the door against all break-in attempts from the outside.

You can also choose to install what is called a “cylinder guard”, which protects the locks against break-ins with picks, hammers, or crowbars. This is a metal plate or protective ring, placed laterally around the door or the cylinders. You will find them from locksmiths in the PACA region.


Apartment VS House: what is the most secure lock?


Whatever the nature of your home you will be advised to opt, for example, for an armored lock system with 3 or 5 anchoring points. This equipment can be supplied with a key but also exists with a code or card. It should be noted that the apartments today benefit from a collective building entrance door equipped with an electric strike that can be operated using a code or a card, which significantly complicates break-ins inside. of the building.

Usually, on delivery, apartment entrance doors are delivered with “conventional” equipment with 3 anchoring points, with a primary European cylinder. This is the minimum tolerated by insurance companies in the event of a break-in. But it is often far from sufficient! Hence the importance of having your secure lock (or not) checked by a professional locksmith in Tampa , able to move at any time to analyze your situation even in an emergency. During the procedure, always check to see if the replacement cylinder bears the A2P mark recommended by many organizations.


The same goes for the front doors of houses: although several multipoint and door shielding systems exist today, no one is safe from a break-in. However, technological developments have made it possible to opt for installing a biometrically opening entrance door with a panoramic micro-view mirror. This is in addition to more “traditional” reinforcements, such as the presence of a fixed bolt. In short, the most “secure” lock will perhaps be that of an apartment that also benefits from a more secure environment, thanks to the presence of a reinforced collective entrance door on the ground floor.


You’ve just been given a quick overview of the options accessible to you for fast-increasing security in your house. But a locksmith professional can provide you with many other services according to your needs! If, for example, you have large bay windows, consider asking your local craftsman (whether you need a trusted locksmith Tampa or elsewhere in the region), to study the security around these axes in particular.

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