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Rental car tips:

1) Is the holiday destination suitable for driving?

In the beginning, there is the decision: where do you want to go on vacation? And is the destination good for driving a rental car there? In this article we read about rent a car for your vocation:

Driving there was easy for us: in right-hand traffic and at a moderate speed because of the speed limits. In addition, the gasoline was very cheap.

Driving is also pleasant in many countries. For example, in many countries, we quickly got used to left-hand traffic.

In other countries, I would rather do without a rental car. But, unfortunately, in many countries, the traffic conditions are quite chaotic.

2) The most beautiful road trip routes

But it is not only important to us whether you can drive well at your destination. But also what can be seen.

3) Round trip: yes or no?

Usually, it is like this: You fly to your travel destination. You then rent a car on site.

Or would you prefer to start in one place and end your journey in another place? This variant is usually more expensive than the round trip.

4) Pick-up location of the rental car

Always check different options for picking up your rental car. Then, the price differences can be clear.

  • We booked the rental car from the airport and drove straight out of the city towards the Wild Way.
  • We took the bus to a more distant city because the rental costs were significantly cheaper from there.

5) Are you already using the rental car at the pick-up point?

It would be best to consider whether you need the rental car right at the beginning of your vacation.

We had only been in town for a few days without a car. The traffic there was relatively heavy, and parking spaces were rare and expensive. So we didn’t pick up the rental car until we drove on.

In big cities, I recommend not relying on a rental car. Instead, medium-sized and smaller cities are more suitable.

6) Book by credit card – including insurance

I research the rental car online before I travel. This can be via the various car rental companies. Then, I book early (this is especially important in peak travel times) and from Pakistan.

In addition, rental car insurance is already included. This insures you against damage caused by an accident, fire, vandalism, or theft of the rental car.

In addition to the insurance, check beforehand: Do you need an international driver’s license to book a rental car, or is the German one sufficient?

 (7) Appropriate car type and size

When choosing a rental car, various factors play a role:

Several people, Are you traveling as a couple like us? Then a smaller model is usually sufficient. On the other hand, a family needs a bigger car.


Do you have a lot of suitcases with you? Then the trunk has to be big enough. Fortunately, we usually travel very lightly.

Rental costs The small rental cars from less popular brands are usually much cheaper. The rental costs were correspondingly high. You also still have to take more care of an expensive car to get nothing stolen or damaged. By the way: When you pick up the car, check that it has no damage that has not been documented. Otherwise, you have to pay for it … Also make sure that an unlimited number of kilometers is included.

Gasoline consumption How much gasoline does the car use? This is ultimately reflected in the price.

Full tank When you pick up the rental car, it will be full. Gives it back with a full tank. That is significantly cheaper than if the car rental company does it. Keep the fuel receipt.

Second driver?

Usually, it costs an additional fee to register a second driver. However, if both are to drive, this is important. Otherwise, the insurance may not pay in the event of an accident.

The gear shift or automatic?

Especially in unfamiliar left-hand traffic, I would take a car with an automatic. Because switching with the left-hand takes some getting used to.


Are you planning on going to the beach or on gravel roads? Check beforehand whether the rental car is allowed and whether it has suitable tires with tread.


I prefer to drive light-colored cars in very warm countries, as they don’t get quite as warm.

Navigation system

We used to use traditional maps for our rental car tours. Today Google Maps works fine. In other countries, I use the flat data rate. Otherwise, I buy a local SIM card. Or maybe you prefer a GPS.


You have to book that sometimes. I love listening to music while driving a car. But there is seldom anything suitable on the radio. That’s why I have the music with me on my smartphone. Here you can find my playlist for the road trip.

8) Traffic rules abroad

Before you go, find out what the speed limits are. For example, how fast can you drive in built-up areas or on expressways?

Are there any special traffic rules that differ from ours? For example, do you have to take a safety vest with you, otherwise you will pay a fine? What about the light?

9) Breakdowns on the way

Fortunately, we haven’t had any significant problems with our rental car tours. Otherwise, you should contact the car rental company.

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