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The best way to clean your desk

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Wearing a mask is compulsory in public spaces (corridors, toilets, lounge, etc.), and special attention is paid to the frequent cleaning of the various spaces. Regarding their workstation, everyone can also perform simple actions. In this article we read about the best way to clean your desk:

Tidy up your desk

A tidy desk would be all the more valuable for working there and increasing productivity. Start by collecting garbage and recyclables and placing them in the appropriate garbage cans. Check the stacks of paper for anything too important to throw away, shred anything sensitive – like documents and printouts with financial or personal information – and throw everything else in recycling bags in the paper. Bring back your forgotten cups on the corner of your desk in the bins for this purpose.

For thorough cleaning, you will first need to remove everything from your desk so that you can easily reach every inch of the surface. This includes notebooks and agendas, paper wringers, the cute family photo from your last vacation, the plant that was not watered. Your keyboard and mouse. Put everything in a pile nearby and store or throw away the items by putting them back on the desk.

Clean your office

First, unplug everything. Don’t just shut down computers. De-energized electronic devices are usually supplied with a small standby current that can become dangerous or damage circuits if they contact fluids. It’s also simple to move things around if they’re not already plugged into a power outlet. So take the extra defense of properly unplugging monitors, keyboards, mice, and other electronic devices. If you can’t clean your office yourself, let the professionals do the dirty job for you. Midland Odessa Cleaning Co offers the best Cleaning Services in Midland Odessa TX.

Disinfection of your desk surface

Take advantage of that your desk is empty to wipe the surface with a dry cloth to remove the accumulated dust. Once done, you can use disinfectant wipes to clean the entire surface, making sure to pay special attention to the parts of the desk that you touch most often, like the edges of the desk and the areas around the keyboard. For effective disinfection, allow surfaces to dry for approximately five minutes.

Clean electronic devices, furniture, and personal items

After you’ve cleaned and disinfected your worktop, it’s time to clean your office equipment, peripherals, and accessories. Before continuing, make sure everything has been completely unplugged from the electrical outlets. Remember: Humidity and electronics don’t mix (so to speak!)

How to clean your computer screen

Over time, dust, dirt, and greasy stains can build up on your screen, especially if you’re used to touching the screen when pointing at something. Cleaning a computer screen requires a bit more care and attention than the other items on your desk. So here are some points for cleaning your monitor to avoid damaging delicate components.

As a general rule, do not apply cleaning products directly to the screen. Liquids can penetrate the thin outer layer of the screen, seep into the monitor, and cause damage, cloudiness, and discoloration. It is best to wet a clean microfiber cloth with cold water and wring it out thoroughly before wiping the screen with long sideways strokes. Avoid using paper towels or rougher cleaning cloths, as they may scratch or dull the screen.

The best method to clean a screen is to avoid getting it dirty initially (easy to say!). Practice never touching the screen, and you will rarely need to wash it. And also, make sure that no one touches it.

How to clean your keyboard and mouse

Your faithful keyboard can take a beating from all those lunch breaks spent working at your workstation. To dislodge it, forcefully tap and shake any crumbs, seeds, and other nasty debris that might have fallen between the keys. While tilting the keyboard, use a box of compressed air directed between the keys to remove any remaining debris.

Once the larger dirt particles have been removed, wash the keyboard with disinfectant wipes or an alcohol-based cleaner. Wipe or wipe the keys between and around them with the wipe or cloth. Paying special Pay special attention to keys that are often used, such as the space bar and the Enter key.

For the mouse, use a toothpick along the small spaces between the buttons to dislodge any build-up of dirt. Finish with a wipe and an alcohol-based product.

How to clean your laptop

By cleaning your dirty laptop deeply, you can make it look new again. After you’ve turned off the laptop and, if possible, removed the battery, use a canister of compressed air to remove crumbs, hair, and debris from cracks and crevices. Pay attention to the spaces between the keys, inside the USB ports, and along the ventilation holes. Hold the box upright and use short pulses of air to avoid introducing moisture into the internal material.

Now wipe down the exterior surfaces and the keyboard using a microfiber cloth lightly dampened with an alcohol-based cleaner or a solution of two parts rubbing alcohol to one part water. This will gently remove any dirt accumulated and deposited by your fingers over time.

To clean the laptop screen, use a cool, dry microfiber cloth not to scratch the delicate screen. This should remove any fingerprints, but for more stubborn stains. You can use a mixture of 50% white vinegar and 50% water to remove the grease. Be sure to wring out excess liquid from the microfiber cloth before wiping the screen to prevent moisture from trapping under the screen.

To disinfect your laptop, wipe a disinfectant cloth over the keyboard, touchpad, and external surfaces of the device, focusing on the most sensitive areas like the space bar, the top edge of the cover, and the button. Power supply.

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