What you should know about automobile rentals car

What you should know about automobile rentals car

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What documents are required for a lease?

For the first time, I decided to take a automobile rentals car ride for a tour, and this was one of the best trips ever! In fact, even the cheapest car will give you an unforgettable driving experience, as you can go beyond just one city. And this will give a better idea of ​​the country. In many European countries, it is impossible to get to some places by public transport – you have to take a tour or check the public transport schedule and limit your time. This car allows you to choose a place and time to go freely, well, and not carry a heavy situation.

When looking for a car, you will definitely get a very low price, but do not rush to rejoice – pay attention to the details:

Network distributors often do not guarantee specific manufactures and models. You book a car class: for example, a compact four-door car with an automatic transmission and air conditioning. And when you come to rent a car in Lahore, choose from what is available and fit the terms of your booking.

Where the car should be picked up and dropped off?

It is best to accept (and then return) the car booked at the airport or train station. There are always plenty of train options and the best opening times. But if you pick up the car on arrival or go to the airport because it’s uncomfortable, you can pick up the car at the city rental office.

What to do if the car breaks down?

Immediately contact the rental, technical service. The operator will call a tow truck and tell you where to go with the new car.

9 tips for traveling by car

Organizational problems are solved, but this does not mean that documents, insurance, franchises are all you need to think about. What about routes, offline maps, and traffic rules? These nine tips will help you get things done and enjoy your trip.

1. Calculate your strength

Before renting a car, do not immediately travel thousands of kilometers. Get around the city, go to the suburbs – in general, comfortable. If you have the experience, don’t set an impossible goal: driving for days and resting only at night is very tiring. Map some of the cities you want to visit, and don’t forget.

From Lahore to Islamabad, it is only 337 km, and if desired, it can be overcome in one day. But if you are taking a car in Lahore for the first time and are not so confident, this route can be extended for several days. Moreover, there are many interesting cities along the way.

2. Pick up your car on time

You might think that if you have booked a car, it will still be waiting for you. Actually, no, if you are late for the specified time, the car will be given to someone else, because the demand is very high.

3. Try to notice all possible stops

It’s impossible to count them all but imagine in the most common terms where you have to slow down: gas stations, snacks, shops, beautiful scenery. If you don’t count the time, you have to sacrifice the streets in some city or hotel.

Around America, we counted all the routes in advance but did not take into account the possibility of stops. The biggest miscalculation occurred on track # 1 in California. We put in eight hours on the road from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and taking into account the frequent stops in beautiful places, the road was 18 hours! A miscalculation of 10 pm led to the fact that we only saw Los Angeles from the car window.

4. Book the hotel in advance

If you take a car to drive across the country, it is logical that between transfers, you need to rest somewhere. Don’t expect to come to the hotel; immediately book a room and check-in – there may be no place (especially if you are traveling in high season). Build a route, decide which city you will spend a few days in, and book a hotel there.

5. Check that the hotel has parking

Obviously, but still. Many hotels offer free parking – keep this in mind as well.

Choosing that hotel that has the parking, you can put a sign next to the filter “Parking” and see only those hotels where there is definitely a parking space for you.

6. Study the characteristics of traffic rules

For example, in Lahore, there is a speed limit on settlements – no more than 50 km / h. In Italy, paid parking is marked with a blue stripe and free parking with a white stripe. In the United States, traffic lights are located not in front of an intersection but behind it. If you drive away from the norm, you could have an accident. Don’t be lazy to look at the features of traffic rules in the country where you are going. You don’t want to bring some fines along with souvenirs.

7. Check the opening hours of museums, parks, galleries.

In general, all-powerful places are where you want to go. It’s a shame when you come to town for the sake of one museum, and it’s closed.

8. Download the map offline.

There you can immediately build a route, mark stops, calculate how long it takes to go from one point to another.

9. Renting a SIM card from a local operator

Offline maps are nice, but the map doesn’t show traffic or repairs. Accordingly, a local SIM card helps – you will have access to the Internet and access to the current situation on the road. In the end, this will save time and hassle.

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